Friday, December 12, 2008

Name That Toy #2!

Second Round of Name That Mystery Toy! The first person to post a comment correctly naming one of the following four animals below will receive a free original t-shirt of his or her choosing! No googling, damnit!


Katie said...

It's the Get Along Gang! With Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Woolma Lamb and Zipper Cat! Wow, that takes me back!

My Face Hurts said...

Right on, Katie! Great call, Zipper Cat was my absolute favorite. I think I wore a headband for a while just so I could look like him. Hit us up through the contact tab on the site and we'll get you your shirt!

kumquat79 said...

I just stumbled across this. I still have my Montgomery "Good News" Moose keychain!