Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Chance Sale!

So, guess what? We've still got t-shirts! And now, they're even cheaper. All mens shirts are only $6.50! All womens shirts are only $5! And all our blank shirts are only $2.50 each! That's just stupid cheap.

Please note though - because we've been running out of styles and sizes so quickly, we aren't going to be able to offer exchanges on any orders going forward. Instead, if for some reason we don't have a particular shirt you ordered here at the warehouse, we will give you the option to receive a refund or to receive two replacement shirts in the same size for each missing shirt. Two shirts for the price of one! We will try our best to match the color and general vibe of the shirt you ordered - we promise to send you some cool ones! The vast majority of orders will be filled correctly, but we just don't have the manpower over here to handle exchanges at this point. We'll still be answering emails, providing tracking numbers, stalking you on facebook, all that stuff.

Big thanks to everybody who has placed orders and sent us goodbye messages over the last few months - we love you guys.