Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VV in the Wild #14

Some more entries for VV in the Wild free t-shirt giveaway have arrived, and they're muy muchas cervezas.

The deal is - you send us a photo of Vintage Vantage stickers or shirts you've spotted in real life. We post it on the blog. You pick out a shirt and send us your address. We send you a free shirt. Everybody smiles and dances.

First up, Britni has reservations...for Vegas, baby!

Next from the Polish Rifle: "I don't have any pictures of famous people, but I myself did happen to recently get captured on film collecting unemployment benefits while wearing my sweet VV "Don't Tell My Mom" shirt!

Just in time to buy Christmas gifts!!!!"

Here we have Sweet D.aG waiting for the future with a buddy where his jetpack should be.

Last but not least, here's Max L. who has reservations in some kind of exotic weeping willow tree in Hyde Park, UK. Cheerio!

Wild! Free shirts! Hooray!

1 comment:

skippy haha said...

email customer service guru james - vintagevantage at hotmail dot com - and he'll get you set up with your free shirt. thanks y'all.