Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blank Ringers for Two Dollars and 50 Cents Each!

If you're wondering.... yes. We've lost our goddamn minds. We're selling our blank ringers for $2.50 each! That's 4 for $10! 6 for $15! 31 for $77.50!

These shirts are spun from the same buttersoft-y loveliness as the rest of our shirts, but we've discontinued the ringer style and are selling every last one of them for rock bottom prices because honestly, we're tired of looking at them in the warehouse.

We're quickly running out of these (duh, they're only $2.50) so act fast if you want to get your size and your friend's size. Click here for mens and here for womens. Boom!

1 comment:

Colin said...

Can't beat that deal. I'm in for 4 (plus Dranks).