Thursday, March 25, 2010

VV in the Wild #23

Some more entries for VV in the Wild free t-shirt giveaway have arrived, and they're muy muchas mejores.

The deal is - you send us a photo of Vintage Vantage stickers or shirts you've spotted in real life. We post it on the blog. You pick out a shirt and send us your address. We send you a free shirt. Everybody smiles and dances.

First up is Phast E and C-money working for fun while watching Tea Leaf Green rock the f out in Charleston.

Next is from J. Warner who spotted a ravenous finger-licker wearing his Viva Las Computadoras shirt during a scrumptious feast.

Finally, Shiny Blue spotted a VV Science t-shirt front row at the PantyRaid show that the Do Lab put on last month in Hollywood. Their music has been described as "Car flippin' krunk."

Wild! Free shirts! Hooray!

Email James at vintagevantage at hotmail daht cahm to redeem your prizes!

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