Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Notes from the Emporium

  • So good to meet the extended VV family! Julian from El Paso stopped by with his crew, pictured at right in their new tees. Big ups.

  • New hugs are invented damn near every day. Recently we've seen the barbie hug, the armless hug, and the perilous backwards handstand hug.

  • A couple weeks ago we brought out the mystery bins (pictured to the right below Julian) - one in each size. Dig in the crates and find some VV gems from yesteryear, including some shirts that never hit the website. Best part - they're only $5 each.

  • We're hitting the streets! Come visit John & friends at the Indie Mart this Sunday in Potrero Hill for a taste of what makes San Francisco so damn fun. Deets here.

  • We're going to Outside Lands! OL is a huge music festival in Golden Gate Park and the Hug Emporium has its own booth. We also designed some fly v-necks for the fest... if you're headed to this, please come say hi, we'll be hugging it out in the Ecovillage.

  • Come to the shop and get the new shirts first! Just today somebody bought Bite Me and Peer Pressure, which you internet folk didn't even know about. All the new shirts are only $15 if you get 'em in person.

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